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Back to School Supply List 2021-2022



Please have all students label all of their supplies.  Also, please bring only the supplies listed and nothing more.  There is not enough room in the desks for extra items.





Backpack-no wheels, please.                                                     (4) pocket folders (cheap ones)

(4) 24 ct. boxes Crayola crayons (reg. size)                                (1 or 2 small) containers Clorox wipes

(1) small pkg. of black dry-erase markers-skinny ones                 (3) large boxes of Kleenex

(1) zippered/cloth pencil bag(cheap one)                                    (1) 8 ct. box washable Crayola markers

(2) pkgs. of 4 count glue sticks                                                   Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.






(2) boxes Crayola brand crayons (16 or 24 count only)                (4) solid colored folders

(1) box yellow #2 pencils and 3 large pink erasers                       (1) safety scissors

Earbuds (optional)                                                                     (2) school supply boxes: approx. 5”x8” plastic w/snap lid

(2) boxes of Kleenex                                                                 (1) backpack-no wheels, please.                       

(1) container of Clorox disinfecting wipes                                    (1) pkg. Expo markers, thin                               

(6) glue sticks                                                                           Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.

(1) wide ruled spiral notebook





(2) boxes crayons - 24 count (No colored pencils)                       (1) set of inexpensive over-ear headphones

(1) box plain wooden #2 pencils (no Dixon Brand please)            (1) backpack (no wheels)

(4) glue sticks                                                                           (1) box of quart size Ziploc bags

(3) large boxes of facial tissue                                                    (4) dry erase markers

Scissors                                                                                   (2) folders

(1) small pencil box)                                                                  (2) container of Lysol wipes

(1) roll of paper towels                                                               (1) 8 to 10 pack of markers (No colored pencils)

3 hand held erasers                                                                   Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.





(1) box #2 yellow wooden pencils (No pump pencils, please)       (1) scissors med. size

(2) boxes of crayons (16 to 24/box)                                            Erasers

(1) plastic pouch for supplies                                                      (1) spiral wide ruled 70 pg. notebook

(3) glue sticks                                                                           (1) container Lysol disinfecting wipes                             

(2) boxes of family sized Kleenex                                               (1) box colored pencils 

(1) box gallon size storage bags                                                 (1) box colored markers

(1) box quart size storage bags                                                  Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.





(1) 24 count boxes of #2 pencils                                                 (4) wide or college ruled notebooks

(2) red & (2) blue pens                                                               No trapper keepers or binders, please

Colored pencils                                                                         (1) large box of Kleenex

Scissors                                                                                   (1) containers Clorox wipes                               

(3) folders                                                                                    Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.





Erasers                                                                                     (4) individual notebooks                                                

(1) set of highlighters                                                                 #2 pencils or mechanical pencils

Red & Blue pens                                                                       (1) binder

Scissors                                                                                   (1) pencil pouch-cloth or plastic

(3) lg. boxes of Kleenex                                                             (1) set of inexpensive earphones/headphones

Colored pencils                                                                         (2) pkgs. of 4 Expo markers

(2) containers of Clorox wipes                                                    (1) pkg. of white index cards     

(2) folders                                                                                 Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.






(6) individual notebooks                                                             (1) small pencil pouch

(2) boxes of #2 pencils                                                              (3) containers of Lysol wipes

(1) set of cheap earbuds                                                            (1) planner

(3) lg. boxes of Kleenex                                                             (2) composition notebooks

(1) box small Ziploc bags                                                           (1) box colored pencils

(2) 4 packs of dry erase markers                                                            Tennis shoes to keep in locker for P.E.

(1) hand held pencil sharpener w/lid





The following are suggested supplies for students to have with them on the first day of school. Students at the secondary level have a wide variety of classes.  Therefore, different student class schedules somewhat dictate the supplies they may need.  A full list of supplies, which are not covered below, will be given to students by each of their classroom teachers on the first day of classes.


Suggested items of all students:

Pens, black or blue ink & red ink

#2 leaded pencil.

Colored pencils


At least (2) three ring binders, 2 inch binding

Notebook paper 

Three ring spiral notebooks of at least 70 pages for each class. 


Physical Education Students: 

Student in Physical Education classes will need gym shorts, gym t-shirts, gym shoes (for PE use only) and socks and any personal items they need for these classes.  (Towels, shampoo, soap, deodorant, athletic supporters, etc.)


Industrial Arts Students:

Students in shop classes are required to purchase any and all items which they will be taking home for personal use.  Prior to the beginning of the project the student will need to have purchased all materials which are used in the project should the student be taking home the project upon completion.  A cost analysis will be completed by the student under the direction of the instructor and a project contract will need to be signed by the parents prior to the building of the project.