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Beginner Basics: Getting Started

So you've decided to pursue a a strength and fitness program? Good for you! Before getting started, let's review some important points. 


1.  Make the decision to change.  Changing bad habits and starting good ones are an important part of your bodybuilding success.  You must make the commitment for yourself and by yourself because in the long term, this is the only decision that will keep you training for the long haul.

2.  Accept the facts about building muscles.  Building muscles, reshaping your body, losing body fat, and learning how your body responds to different diets takes a long time so let's just get over it to save ourselves some time. You going to have to exercise at least a few days a week whether you have other things to do or not.  If you want to keep seeing changes every year, you'll need to maintain your commitment and always seek to increase intensity and performance. 

3.  Building muscle is hard work.  In simple terms, you will need to go to the gym on a regular basis and tear up muscle tissue. Sometimes you won't be able to walk quite right the next day.  You will feel burning, stinging, and emotions beyond the slight discomfort other gym members are feeling by being off the couch.  Oh, and you'll look and feel a lot better!

4.  You're probably going to need to change your diet. How?  Some of the most common changes include: eating breakfast, smaller, more frequent meals, increased protein intake, drinking more water, limiting salt, simple sugar, alcohol, and saturated fat intake 

5.  Sleep.  Everyone needs to sleep, in particular someone like you who is deciding to exert efforts towards building a better body. Your muscle grows and repairs while you sleep and your mind recovers too.

6.  Visualize yourself succeeding.  See yourself with a improved more muscular or leaner body.   When the going gets tough and you want to stay home, remember this picture!