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Elementary School

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Hoops for Heart 2018

Our 2018 “HOOPS FOR HEART” fundraiser event was another huge success! The students who participated raised a total of $3,957.00 that was donated to the American Heart Association. Many thanks to the kids who participated and . . .

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Preschool Happenings for Mrs. Manley's Class

Mrs. Manley's class has been busy finishing up the school year.  We visited the kindergarten classes and toured the elementary school, had a couple special visitors (Dr. Prososki came to read to us and Temp's Disposal showed us . . .

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Mrs. Clay’s Classroom Spanish 3 & 4 collaborate with Mrs. Fossler's Reading group

Mrs. Fossler's reading group earned another reward!  Some of their goals this time were passing fluency tests, getting good grades on daily work and assessments, encouraging one another, keeping the room clean, and being kind to one . . .

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The Preschool helps the Community

The preschool children picked up trash in Blue Springs to help the community for Week of the Young Child which is next week.  The weather was perfect on Wednesday and we all worked really hard.  We also hung our artwork in . . .

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Southern Elementary has a pep rally to Pump Kids up for State Testing.

Southern School District has officially started State Testing Today! Yesterday, the elementary held a pep rally to encourage students to do their best.  Good Luck to all students!  We are so proud of you!  

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Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype is an education game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms on  Skype . The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.   It has totally . . .

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Reading Classics Team

Good Job to the Southern Elementary Reading Classics team in the Gage County Competition.  You read a lot of books! The reading classic team members are: Bladen Weiner, Samantha Kelsay, Austin March, Olive Sabey, Dakota Sturm

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Mr. Hookstra's 4th grade Science Classes

Mr. Hookstra's 4th grade science classes recently finished a unit on The Earth, Moon, and Planets.  Students learned how the tilt of earth on its' axis affect the seasons on earth.   All students charted the moon phases . . .

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Kindergartners do a special iPad project in the library

    Mrs. Van Boening collaborated with Mrs. Breunsbach to have her kindergartners do a special iPad project in the library. They retold a story with the app, Little Story Creator. Mrs. Breunsbach helped her . . .

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6th Graders and Robotics

   The ESU is hosting a robotics competition for grades 6-8.  Southern decided to enter a 6th-grade team.  Beginning the week of January 15, the teams work on weekly challenges.  They have to figure out how to . . .

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Santa Visits the Preschool

Santa went and visited the Preschools and Southern Elementary.  More pictures will be coming. 

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Reading Classics 2016-2017

  The Southern Fifth and Sixth-grade Reading Classics team participated in the Gage County Reading Classic Competition on March 17th.  The five-member team read books from a list of novels that consisted of 62 titles . . .

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Accelerated Reader

Click here for Accelerated Reader

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