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Enrollment Information

Southern Public Schools preschool enrollment guidelines are set in order to maximize the supports and potential of students in need within our communities.  Registration will officially start on February 1 and will run until March 15.  During the spring parent-teacher conferences, there will be a registration day to help families fill out the preschool application.  Parents will be notified of acceptance by April 1 of each year. 


Priority for enrollment into the Southern Public Schools Preschool program is based on the following indicators in order of importance:

  1. In District Children,
  2. Kindergarten Eligible,
    1. Must be 4 on or before July 31st for the all-day 4-year-old program in Wymore
    2. Must be 3 on or before July 31st for the half-day 3-year-old program in Blue Springs
  3. Income Eligibility and Head Start Guidelines,
  4. Students with Disabilities,
  5. English Language Learners, and
  6. Date of Completion of Preschool Application.


There is a total of 18 slots for the all-day 4-year-old preschool program in Wymore and there is a total of 20 slots for the half-day 3-year-old preschool program in Blue Springs because of capacity limitations.  A total of 18 slots will be filled in the all-day 4-year-old program and a total of 18 slots will be filled in the 3-year-old program.  This will allow slots for move in children based the district enrollment priorities.  A total of 13-15 slots will be filled based on income eligibility requirements between the two programs.  Movement into either 3-year-old or 4-year-old program will only occur at the beginning of each quarter.  This includes children moving into district and movement between programs based on age requirements.






Enrollment Information

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