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Jr/Sr High School


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Art II Syllabus



Ms. Pearson

Southern Jr. /Sr. High School

Room 304


Contact time: 1:55-2:40



Course Goal

In Art II it is our goal to refresh and build upon the knowledge of the Art I course. We will be doing several different activities throughout the year by drawing, painting, and the use of clay as well as other mediums. A few of these activities include a portraiture unit, white on black project, and screen printing. In addition to the classroom projects, each student will be required to complete Weekly Sketch assignments as homework. At the end of each semester each student will be compiling and revising a final portfolio of works.



The class will also be given vocabulary terms throughout the course. The terms will be divided between each project and will be relevant to the current project being completed. Vocabulary quizzes will be given at the end of each project. At the end of the semester students will be quizzed over all of the terms.




  • IDEAS –as many as you can think of… sky is the limit

  • Folder with 3hole fasteners (idea book) $.15 @ Wal*Mart

  • Paint Shirt or Apron (optional)


Many of the materials you will need to complete your art projects will be provided, including: pencils, paper, paint, brushes, etc. You will be reminded before quiz days that you will need to provide your own pencil/pen.


Classroom Guidelines:

  • Three Simple Rules

  • Be Prepared

    • Students will be expected to come to class prepared to work on their project. Many of the materials needed to be successful in an art classroom are provided. The materials that are provided must stay in the room unless they are signed out after school. Any other materials, such as idea print outs from home, magazine images, etc. are the responsibility of the student. Students will also be required to be on time to class (see tardy policy).



Classroom Guidelines (cont.)

  • Be respectful (Golden Rule)

    • Disrespectful, offensive, sexist, racist comments will NOT be tolerated in my classroom, even if the student feels that they are joking with a friend.

    • Respect also means that we will respect other’s artwork.

      • We will not touch art without permission from the creator

      • We will give constructive (helpful) criticism


  • Be responsible

    • Once materials have been given to the student, it is the students’ responsibility to keep track of those materials. Students will also be responsible for completing their assignments on time.



Projects 50%

Weekly Sketchbook/Checkpoints 20%

Quizzes 20%

Final Portfolio 10%


Late Work

Students who choose not to do assigned work will be assigned a work detention. Work detentions must be served on the day that it is given. The work detention is designed to allow students time to make up work that they have not completed and therefore will not receive zeros. If a student chooses not to serve a work detention, the student will receive a 204 detention. (Southern Jr./Sr. High Handbook p23)



All students are expected to complete their own work.


If any student is found to have had another student do their artwork -OR- if any student has completed artwork for another student each student will receive a failing grade of 50% and will be requiredto re-create their piece from scratch outside of class time in work detention and during IAP time. The grade for the re-created piece will replace the 50% in the grade book.


Offenders will also be reported to the office and parent/guardian(s) will be contacted.





Art II Syllabus

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