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Southern Mission Statement


The Southern School District, in cooperation with families and communities, prepares students through educational experiences, to be responsible, respectful and safe citizens in our continually changing world. 


Regarding Students and Learning:

1. All students can learn.

2. Students learn best when their physical, emotional and social needs are met.

3. Students learn best when it is a positive and challenging experience.

4. Students learn best when they see the relevance of learning.

5. Students must be lifelong learners.

6. Students must develop thinking skills.

7. Students must become responsible citizens.

8. Students learn best with parental/guardian guidance and support.

Regarding Teachers/Staff and Teaching:

1. All staff must stay current on theory to adequately promote relevant lifelong learning skills.

2. Teachers/Paraeducator must recognize and provide for individual learning styles.

3. All staff must look for the best in and have high expectations for themselves and their students.

4. All staff must be empathetic towards the diverse roles that students have.

5. All staff must be positive role models.

6. All staff together with parents/guardians must make a cooperative effort for the benefit of students.

Regarding Effective Organizations (The School District)

1. The School District must provide a safe and orderly environment in order for effective learning to occur.

2. The School District must have a specific plan based on understood goals that are reviewed periodically.

3. The School District must have strong leadership that is instructionally focused, open to new ideas and

promotes teamwork that involves the community.

4. The School District must maintain open lines of communications internally and externally.

5. The School District must provide for an effective staff development program that reflects and supports the school mission.

6. All members of the District must take responsibility for the education of its children.

Adopted 08-15-96

Southern School District #001

School Improvement Steering Committee

Southern Mission Statement

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