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Ecological Science

Ecological Science

Room 303

Learning Comes First”


Instructor: Miss Dunekacke

Email: jdunekacke@southernschools.org


Course Description: 

Welcome to 8thGrade Science! During the next year we will be exploring a variety of subjects through the eyes of a scientist. Some of the physical science topics to be studied include motion, forces, energy, waves, and light. We will also cover some Earth science topics such as Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology.


Required Materials: 

Three-ring binder, preferably 1 1/2'’

Loose notebook paper or a notebook that you can tear paper out of

Pencils and pens




Sampling of topics covered:


1st Semester – Earth Science


  • Structure of the Universe

  • Life Cycle of a Star

  • Solar System

  • Moon, Moon Phases

  • Space Exploration

  • Earth-Moon-Sun Relationships

  • Seasons



  • Characteristics of the Earth

  • Shaping of the Earth’s Crust

  • Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

  • Landforms

  • Water Cycle

  • Fossil Record

  • Geologic Time Scale



  • Composition of the Atmosphere

  • Clouds and Precipitation

  • Air Masses and Fronts

  • Weather Instruments

  • Storms and Weather Prediction

  • Climates on Earth


2ndSemester – Physical Science


  • Properties of Matter

  • Changes in Matter



  • Metric System

  • Motion 

  • Forces

  • Work, Power, and Machines

  • Energy 

  • Characteristics of Waves

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum


Attendance/ Absences:

Attendance is required for a chance at a passing grade. You must be in class to receive and learn the material. However, if you know you are going to be absent, you need to see me ahead of time to receive work you will miss and to schedule a time for making up labs, quizzes, or tests you might miss.


If you are sick, you will need to see me upon return to school to find out what you missed and to work out a make-up schedule. It is not my responsibility to track you down to give you missed assignments; it is your responsibility. If you are sick the day of a quiz or test you will be expected to make it up the day you are back, unless you make arrangements ahead of time.


Tardiness is a disruption in the classroom. It is expected that you be on time. If you are tardy without a pass from another teacher, you automatically get a 10-minute detention with Ms. Dunekacke after school.



Homework may include, but is not limited to: reading assignments, problems from the book or other sources, worksheets, or lab write-ups. The homework I assign is not busy work, but work to help you improve your science and problem-solving skills.


Binders/daily activities:

You will have binder work each day in this class. It will include an entrance and exit activity and powerpoint or guided notes. You are also expected to keep all your returned papers (homework, tests, etc) in your binders in an orderly manner. These papers can be referenced for the semester tests, and if you are missing the notes, you will not have every advantage for the semester test.


Late work policy for homework, labs, and project:

On the day that your homework is late, you will be required to serve a mandatory study center with me after school. You will be in the study center for 30 minutes or until the work is complete, whichever comes first.


If work is not completed during study center and/or you turn it in after the day it is due, it will automatically receive a 50% deduction of points before grading.



Grades are taken on tests, lab reports, lab participation, scheduled and pop quizzes, classwork, homework, binder checks, and projects.

Tests: 100 points each

Lab reports: 25 to 50 points each

Quizzes: 10 points each

Daily binder work (notes, entrance and exit activities, practice): 3 points each day

Homework: varies, but usually 10-20 points each

Other work will vary in points


Each semester, I will drop the lowest test grade.


After you have 10 quality homework assignments turned in ON TIME, you will receive a homework pass from the teacher. In this case, the pass must be stapled to the homework you will want to take a pass on. You can use the pass on any homework assignments during the year, but they do expire at the end of each semester.


Classroom Rules:

When in the classroom, students must comply with the following rules:

  • Follow all expectations and procedures.

  • Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings. Begin entrance activity immediately, without talking.

  • Come to class with all required materials.

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  • Listen carefully, so you can follow directions the first time they are given.

  • Raise your hand, wait to be recognized before speaking, and listen to your peers.

  • No food or drink in the classroom.

  • Treat your peers, teachers, the equipment, the room, the school, and yourself with respect.

  • Show your work. Circle your answers.



Behavior policy:

Each student in my classroom has the right to an education. I have a three-strike policy. If you decide break rules or expectations, I will write your name on the board to indicate you have your first strike. If the inappropriate behaviors continue, you will receive up to three strikes. For the third strike, you will be required to serve a mandatory after school time (MAST) with me for 20 minutes to talk with me about what happened in class, come up with a plan so it does not happen again, and complete the homework for the day. If you do not show up for the MAST, you will automatically serve a 204 the next day and your parent will be called. I will not hesitate to call parents/guardian if I feel that you are non-cooperative in solving the issues that you are having in my classroom.


Classroom Procedures: 

I have procedures for my classroom that we will go over the first and second weeks of school. You will be expected to follow these procedures.


Lab Safety: 

All students will take and pass a laboratory safety quiz that will be kept on file. Lab safety rules always apply.


Lab Partners:

You will have a lab partner and a lab group that will be assigned to you for lab activities. You are expected to work with these classmates on certain assignments.


Questions or concerns:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about assignments or concepts we learn in class. My goal is to help each of you to be successful in mastering science concepts. I am available to assist you before and after school, during IAP time, and by appointment.


Ecological Science

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