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Math 7 Syllabus

by Carol Braun

August 16, 2006

Math 7 Syllabus

Math 7 -1st Semester


Reason for class: The purpose of Math 7 is to prepare the student for Math in the next 5 years. This will be done by classifying numbers, studying fractions, decimals, percents, writing and solving equations, working with probability. We will also be working with geometry, such as classifying polygons finding the perimeter and area of triangles and quadrilaterals, and finding the area and circumference of circles.

The class will study:


Making Number Connections:


Expressing Numbers:


Using Whole Numbers and Decimals:


Operations with Fractions:


Operations with Integers and Rational Numbers:


Writing and Simplifying Expressions:


Solving One-step Equations:


Solving Two-step Equations and Inequalities:


Exploring Linear Equations:


Congruence, Symmetry, and Transformation:


Constructing and Drawing:


Math 7 Second Semester:

Picturing and Modeling Solid figures:


Changing Geometric shapes:


Ratios and Rates:


Ratio, Proportion and Percent:


Percent Spending and Saving:


Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity:


Application of Similar Figures:


Growing and shrinking Patterns:


Number Patterns:




Measuring Length and Area:


Surface area and Volume:


Changing Dimensions:


Data and Probability:


Experiments with Probability:



-The student will also be tested over the 7th grade math standards as they are covered


Grading Policy:

-The students final grade will be determined by tests, homework, quizzes and standards. Tests will make up 80% of the final grade with homework, quizzes, and standards counting 20%.

If chronic tardiness persists the student will be required to make up missed time after school. Absences wiil be taken care of individually.


Math 7 Syllabus

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